From now on you can buy «Queen Bum» on Video on Demand

In English, French, Swiss-German and German.


An animated short by Maja Gehrig.

Production: SCHICK Productions.

Drawing Animation | English spoken | DCP | 11min | CH-2015


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«Teeter-Totter-Town» is a Queendom high above the clouds.

The subjects, Triangle and Fourangle, suffer from the ups and downs of their little world and would like to get rid of their Queen Bum. «Teeter-Totter-Town» explodes in an array of fireworks, turns into a raft afloat on stormy seas and finally drifts as a starship through outer space.



Director: Maja Gehrig

Script: Maja Gehrig/Pamela Dürr

Animation: Maja Gehrig/Stefan Holaus

Editing: Fee Liechti

Music: Kaspar König

Sound: Peter Bräker

Voice Acting Child: Celeste Toussas

Voice Acting Father: Dustin Rees

Production: SCHICK Productions, Ruedi Schick


With the kind Support of:

Bundesamt für Kultur , Sektion Film

Zürcher Filmstiftung

Kulturförderung Kanton St . Gallen - Swisslos

Migros Kulturprozent